Marco Locatelli

Senior Partner and CEO of Rexilience since incorporation, he has been involved in network technologies and cybersecurity since graduation.

A serial entrepreneur, he has developed companies focused on technological innovations related to text, hypertext and networked multimedia.

He has developed a solid background in management and technology, focusing on the applications of network and IoT technologies.

Over the years he has actively participated in the development of ARS Informatica Srl, ARS Edizioni Informatiche Srl, Glamm Interactive Spa (listed in 2000 on the new stock market of Milan together with the Dataservice Group), Eximia Srl (now Gruppo Filippetti), Virthualis Srl (in partnership with Solvay Group), GTI Gaming Srl, Human Mobility Srl (in partnership with Be Shaping The Future), assuming roles of technological and managerial management.

He has participated in several research projects funded by European funds, including the five-year consortium Virthualis as CTO, in collaboration with the Politecnico di Milano and over 20 international institutions / companies.

He graduated in Computer Science in 1989 at the State University of Milano, with an internal research on data networks, texts and hypertexts, led by Prof. Gianni degli Antoni.