043 RISCHIO CYBER 2024 – Roma

How you can help public administration and companies understand the challenges they will face in the months to come.

A unique opportunity to raise awareness of the danger, to understand the sources of risk and how attackers operate, and thus to make good choices on how to deploy the limited resources available.

The event is organised by Clusit Community for Security in partnership with Rexilience, Studio Legale Ristuccia Tufarelli & Partners and MM SpA.

At the end of the event, the book “Rischio digitale Innovazione e Resilienza” and free access to the CYBER RISK software for risk management according to ISO/IEC 27001:2022 will be distributed.

Attendees: Fabrizio Cirilli, Cosimo Comella, Luisa Franchina, Giovanni Gelpi, Corrado Giustozzi, Marco Locatelli, Paola Meroni, raffaele munari, Pieraldo Pistocchi, Stefano Quintarelli, Eliana Sessa, Luca Tufarelli, Alessandro Vallega.