076 One hundred years of innovation

Celebrating 100 years of innovation at the University of Milan, Stefano Quintarelli and Marco Locatelli together with Alberto Fioravanti, moderated by Prof. Gian Paolo Rossi, spoke about their experience:“Citt√† Studi Valley: university-born digital entrepreneurship.”

074 Strengthening National Cybersecurity

Corrado Giustozzi was heard by the Joint Committees I Constitutional Affairs and II Justice of the Chamber of Deputies as part of the examination of Bill C. 1717 Government, on provisions for strengthening national cybersecurity and cybercrimes.

073 Integrated cybersecurity and compliance

Corrado Giustozzi CHIEF Strategist REXILIENCE journalist and writer, lecturer in Cybersecurity in the MSc in Intelligent Systems Engineering at Campus Bio-Medico, and in the Level I and II Masters in Cybersecurity at LUISS, Campus Bio-Medico, Link and SIOI participated in the morning meeting “Legal Breakfast Bytes” with professionals Luca Tufarelli, Francesca Rosetti and Maria Lilia […]

072 CambierAI

Generative artificial intelligence is constantly evolving, with significant implications for several disciplines. In this session, which closes the second day of the Security summit, largely dedicated to AI, we explore from different perspectives (technological, social, philosophical and economic…) the emerging challenges in this area, analyzing new frontiers and innovative perspectives. Central are issues such as […]

071 Step-by-step cyber attack

Analysis of the Technical Tactics and Procedures (TTP) of an attack, by the Managed Detection and Response (MDR) team through ESET XDR and Endpoint technologies. Through a step-by-step analyzed attack, it will be shown how an MDR service, with supporting XDR telemetry and Endpoint Protection, allows attackers’ tactics to be analyzed in order to detect, […]

069 Intelligence repot

Illegally stolen information is sold with different schemes to the past; business models evolve favoring subscription subscriptions. Exactly the same as in the legal economy! RaaS, MaaS, toolkits, and associated services are frantically evolving.

068 AI: instructions for use

On Friday, March 8, the first meeting of the cycle Tech talk – Meetings with the protagonists of the debate on technology and digital organized as part of the training activities of the Parliamentary IT Cluster was held at the Camera dei deputati. Our own Corrado Giustozzi gave his thoughts on the topic of “AI: […]

067 Convention Nazionale CSQA Certificazioni

On Monday, Jan. 8, Corrado Giustozzi, chief strategist of Rexilience, will participate as a speaker at the CSQA Certifications National Convention with a talk on the topical issue : “Vulnerabilities and Risks in AI Systems.”