056b Seminar (ISC)2 Italy Chapter – The Business Continuity

See you on October 5 to talk about business continuity and resilience in ICT. In this space I will also discuss the cyber risk management tool (CREST). An opportunity for us all to reflect together, on increasingly topical issues, and clarify terminology in the context of articulated but vital activities in the event of an […]


Innovations and Trends in Cybersecurity28/09/2023La Collina Dei SogniAlbano Sant’Alessandro (BG)


Artificial Intelligence (AI) , with its applications, enters business processes, simulations, video surveillance, entertainment, medicine, mobility, smart cyties etc … even the war industry. Corrado Giustozzi,Founding Partner & Chief Strategist, Rexilience, speaks at the ASSI “virtual” Roundtable.

058 Cybersecurity:

Along with the many opportunities, the digital transition also brings risks, including potential threats from cyber attacks. Increasingly, therefore, we are hearing more and more about Cyber Security, perhaps not fully understanding that taking cover from cybercrime protects against operational and production downtime, safeguards corporate reputation, and guards against possible financial loss, all to ensure […]

056 Cybersecurity: anticipating the future

What are organizations doing to defend themselves in cyber security? What is the importance of Future Thinking and anticipatory thinking in strategic foresight? As Clusit, the Italian association for cyber security that will also be the host of the event, confirms, there is a need for protection and prevention measures that nowadays entities and companies […]


Next October 2, at 6 p.m. Fabrizio Cirilli will give a Webinar presentation to our CREST software for risk assessment according to ISO/IEC 27001:2022, distributed in SaaS mode. Free access to CREST will be made available to all participants. Those interested in participating can register here.

053 – 6 MINUTES to breach your IT infrastructure

A conference that will demonstrate live what happens during a hacker attack and how cyber criminals manage to get into companies. Most importantly, how to prevent dangerous situations, limit risks and prepare to resume business operations as quickly as possible.

052b Business Continuity

Preparing for the future: navigating uncertainty with resilience and determination Fabrizio Cirilli, Project Leader and Author Dealing with topics such as Business Continuity in the ICT world has never been an easy task: beliefs, myths and standards come together in a mix of endless arguments and interpretations.In the document you will then find what is […]

052 Alphaville – Radio della Svizzera Italiana

On Monday, July 24, Corrado Giustozzi will be live from 12:30 to 1:00 p.m. on the Alphaville program of Radio della Svizzera Italiana (RSI Rete Due) to talk about security and geopolitical issues surrounding the U.S.-China competition over undersea cables for information transport.The broadcast will be streamed on RSI’s website and the podcast will be […]

051 – 24 | with Enrico Pagliarini | Radio 24

Corrado Giustozzi will take part in the broadcast to talk about ransomware attacks toward public administration and possible prevention measures. Today at 22:45 and Sunday at 14.00 (extended version)